High School Ministry

Started an orphanage in 2009 with 30 kids on average and making the way into many huts to spread the fragrance and the taste of CHRIST 's love. Also on fortnightly and monthly basis reaching and feeding hundreds of old people (no one to look after them), HIV + people / families, leprosy people and beggars on the streets.

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Bible City

"G-d gave me this provocation to start a BIBLE CITY where the kids of age 3- 5 will be taken and will be trained right from their childhood without TV, films or worldly culture but will find only G-d and bible scripture for 24*7, and for 365 days".

Christian Foundational Training for kids

its functioning was started from the New year. The first training programme was conducted in the month of January (13th – 14th), initially for two days with 85 kids. They stayed in the campus and got trained for two day. After registration of the names of the kids from different areas and church from surrounding villages the training began with worship at morning 1000 hrs. They learned ten songs through projector presentation. At 1130 hrs they were given with snacks and soft drink. They were taught with rules n instructions of the training. Later they were separated into groups and classes were taken up by the trained Bible teachers. Basing on the chart supplied by the international Missions board , the lessons from the Old Testament were covered on the first day between 1145 to 1330 hrs The lunch was served between 1330 to 1430 hrs. Again the worship was between 1430 to 1530 hrs . !530 to 1645 lessons were reviewed. From 1645 to 1800 hrs relaxing time , refreshed and had snacks and preparation for the night session. The evening session started at 1800 hrs, due to winter it was dark enough and kids were shown with good videos , which consists of God’s creation in six days, Bible stories n praise & worship songs. Later the prayer time continued upto 2000 hrs. At 2000 hrs dinner was served. The rooms were set with good foam beds for all the kids (Both Girls n boys – separately) . It was a great experience together with different people according to their witness. They went to bed at 2130 hrs. The lunch was with eggs curry and the dinner was with good vegetables curry . 2nd day began at 0500 hrs with singing and prayer . 0530 to 0730 preparation for the morning session. At 0730 breakfast was served . The morning worship started at 0830 hrs and continued till 1000 hrs. Basing on the chart supplied by the international Missions board , the lessons from the New Testament were covered on the second day between 1000 to 1145 hrs. Questions, answers, songs and learning prayer in prostrated way , was carried out between 1145 to 1330 hrs. The lunch with chicken curry was served between 1330 to 1430 hrs. Again the worship was between 1430 to 1530 hrs . Many came forward to share their witness and it has continued upto 1600. Final instructions were given then and closed with a prayer and benediction by 1630. They were given with refreshments and left at 1700 hrs back to their villages on different types of transportation. In this whole effort twelve people voluntarily helped and few people were paid for cooking. According to the already set plans , going to conduct soon at two different areas where 50 – 60 kids will attend for training. During this training it was emphasized to all kids to grow and live as a sound Christian by reading the word of God and doing prayer regularly. The teachers took very keen interest in seeding the kids with so many good illustrations, stories and characters from the bible. Two days went away just like that and kids are all eager to come back to learn more n more. Planning to extend the training to a weeklong so that many topics can be covered and kids get trained strongly.

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Social Service Activities

This ministry was founded with many faces and they are Village evangelism, General and tribal orphan education, Widow and Old aged support, young people’s transformation into CHRIST’s likeness, church plantation, Poor Feeding, medical help to poor and theological training to many.

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Church Plantation

Activities like church plantation, supporting village pastors, helping poor students and extending medical help are spread into the Andhra Pradesh districts named Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, and Krishna in South India.

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