• Education Books/Stationery For Poor Kids

    Every year Our hostel students Required Books and stationery, CLCM have been distributing Books and stationery to the poor and needy too.

    $1741 $3000 Goal
  • Help Us Build a New Church

    New Chuches built by CLC Ministries at Villages to reach word of God to all.

    $1741 $3000 Goal
  • Help for Food/Water/dormitory Hall for Kids

    CLC Ministries-Loving Hands Charity Home kids taking meal

    $1741 $3000 Goal
  • Need Help for Old-Aged and Widows

    CLC Ministries- Supplied groceries to oldaged and Sick people in a very small church.

    $1741 $3000 Goal
  • Help for Homeless

    CLC Ministries -Food supplied to AID's victims-Peanuts,raw sugar,flour and Peas..

    $1741 $3000 Goal

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