Youth Ministries Youth Training

  • Yerushalayim Baptist Church
    H.No: 10-38-19, Ramnagar,
    Visakhapatnam-530 002, State: Andhra Pradesh,South India
  • Date: February 14th, 2015
    Time:FN Session:1000 hrs - AN Session :14445 hrs
  • Host
    Rev.Dr.Mindi Smith Ephraim

Youth retreat was conducted on 14th for one day. The theme was “Turn unto your Creator “. Sixty (60) young boys and girls attended besides few elders also.

It started by 1000 hrs and the worship went up to 1130 with English and Telugu songs n choruses. The theme importance was presented with the word of God. Refreshments n soft drinks were served. Later by presenting very powerful videos that gives an info of God’s power n authority, the word of God was again shared for an hour. Soon after this few shared their witness. Lunch served at 1345 hrs. The afternoon session started by 14445 hrs. Initially worship and learning songs was carried out. In this special session Christian persecution news was shared with video support. People were touched by the word of God and shared their feeling too. Later at the end the signs n incidents of Lord’s second coming were meditated with the gathering. With a closing prayer n benediction the retreat came to close by 1700 hrs. very good response was received from few youth . this type of retreats are in demand and so planning to conduct in different areas from the month of April as the lent season is in progress.

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