CLCM- Rev.Dr.Minidi.Smith Ephraim`s FAMILY STORY

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed".-Genesis 12:3.

Pastor Rev.Dr.Mindi Smith Ephraim was born on 11th August 1957 at Vizag , Vishakapatnam Dt, Andhra Pradesh South India. Rev.Dr Mindi Smith Ephraim by profession a Chemical Engineer later did his theological studies. He got married to Pretty Lloyes (LOIS) and blessed with two sons. The eldest Dany Rathan Eloi and the youngest Chris Zion. Left his job as Dy.Manager in an Metallurgical industry and dedicated to his master's ministry, at the age of 16 Years he accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Lord and Saviour. He dedicated his life to the full time Ministry Man of God. God using him as his Servant in different areas and in hundreds of villages. his ministry (CLC) is reaching many villages with evangelism, education to tribal orphans and poor feeding to parentless / destitute and medical help to old, sick and helpless., and Many People become the believers of the Lord jesus Christ. A number of People who possessed by the evil are Released spirits those suffering with different kinds of diseases healed and become the believers , and God brought some into life by hearing his Prayers ".

Christ Like Christian Ministries was established in the year 2002 but its works were started and in progress since 1995.Its main activities are being carried out in five districts and in hundreds of villages. The ministry is reaching many villages with evangelism, education to tribal orphans and poor feeding to parentless / destitute and medical help to old, sick and helpless.

Bible says" Serve the L-RD with all your might, with all your soul, with all your strength and also love thy neighbor as thyself". The executive board members are with burden to reach the goals of the ministry and wishing to see the transformation of young and old into the likeness of CHRIST. The founder& President of the CLC Ministries who had vast experience in evangelism and with the word of G-D is with full of zeal for the lost souls and having compassion heart to reach poor and needy. Toured and reaching many countries like Israel, United States of America, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and Singapore many times and all the states in India with gospel. Having a clear vision & call reaching both Jews and gentiles with salvation information, for what his name "Ephraim "stands for " a double portion".

Christ Like Christian Ministries Activities:

  • Printing & Distribution of Israel literature & Gospel Tracts
  • Biblical feasts celebration according to Jewish calendar
  • e-Mailing information about Israel & publishing a Bi-monthly magazine.
  • Helping Village pastors
  • Helping Kids / feeding oldaged & widows.
  • Planting churches in villages

Who We Are

it is an Independent denominational Gospel and evangelical ministry with more than 200 active members. Pastor Rev. Dr. Mindi Smith Ephraim is founder and President of Christ Like Christian Ministries.

What We Are

-Printing & Distribution of Israel literature & Gospel Tracts
-Biblical feasts celebration according to Jewish calendar
-Conducting Israeli Prayer cells at many places.
-e-Mailing information about Israel & publishing a Bi-monthly magazine.
-Helping Village pastors
-Helping Poor Kids & feeding oldaged & widows
-Planting churches in villages.

Why We Are

A Christian must be like HIM and liked by HIM. This ministry was founded with many faces and they are Village evangelism, General and tribal orphan education, young People's transformation into CHRIST Likeness, church plantation, Poor Feeding, medical help to poor and theological training to many. Doing all these activities mainly in villages is to see people taste the love of CHRIST.

A Ministry with a Vision to Reach both Jews and Gentiles...!.

Activities like church plantation, supporting village pastors, helping poor students and extending medical help are spread into the Andhra Pradesh districts named Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, and Krishna. Started an orphanage in 2009 with 30 kids on average and making the way into many huts to spread the fragrance and the taste of CHRIST 's love. Also on fortnightly and monthly basis reaching and feeding hundreds of old people (no one to look after them), HIV + people / families, leprosy people and beggars on the streets. Thirty deep Village pastors & tribal areas are being helped every month and visiting them often to see the programmes and progress in their villages, in the churches and in their respective families. The above said all activities, among Indian villages and poor communities and surviving families are being done without any hindrance because of the great Christian country USA (from only church which is having 235 years of history on par with the country's Independence). Its roots have reached many countries and reached India too for CHRIST like Christian Ministries to touch and save many hearts.

Without the help of the anointed pastors, committed elders and loving congregation , the G-D's work of feeding and encouraging many families since 2005 would have not exist here in India. Praying and planning for more and more activities for the betterment of lives and precious SOULS. CHRIST like Christian Ministries India, is one of the best investing fields for anyone to see years of growth and expansion of God's Kingdom with continuous commitment.

Our Ministry Services:

  • Prayer Ministry
  • Gospel Ministry
  • Church Plantation
  • Social Service
  • Support for Gospel Workers
  • Childrens Ministry
  • Widows and Orphan Support
  • Village Gospel Ministries
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